Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goals for the Future

This coming Fall is going to be quite busy for me. I will be teaching 5 classes of highschool Latin, as well as taking two graduate classes as part of my Masters of Latin and Classical Humanities Degree. What I predict is that I will not have very much free time to devote to my hobbies (grading five classes of tests easily can take 10 hours, and translating 350-400 lines of Latin every week might easily take another 10 to do well. I have no clue what the work load for the Education class I will be taking is, but I imagine at least 30-50 pages of reading, a written response, research, and additional lesson-planning will be involved.

With this in mind, I must make sure my goals are focused and practical.

Currently my go routine looks like:

1) Playing 2-3 blitz games in a row, usually late at night, or in short periods of free time in the afternoon.
2) Reviewing games for several people in the Beginner's Room of KGS or the teaching laddeer.
3) Playing teaching games with one or two regulars
4) Watching the strongest on-going game on KGS
5) Playing through 3-4 professional games (Go Seigen or Shusaku) a week
6) Looking at modern 9p matches at

This is fine, if not scattered for the summer. Once the school year begins, this is no longer possible. My goals are now as follows:

1) Solve Tsumego.
2) Play one "serious game" per week.
3) Limit reviewing to only one player, review off-line and email them the sgf.

I can print out pages from the various sources on and solve them while riding the train and buses to work.

I will have to make time to play a serious game each week, maybe on Sunday or Wednesday.

The reviews can be worked on over the weekend when I might not have internet access.

We will see how well I work on my goals.

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