Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Starting the Resolution

So, I played my first slow-ish game for a while on KGS today. The game highlighted everything that I need to work on in my non-blitz game. I was able to round up a commendable lead in the opening, thinks to a few mistakes on his part, but I lacked the concentration to see it through. Because I did not count, I thought I was farther behind than I was after I made my first reading oversight, and this made me annoyed, leading to more and more mistakes. It is necessary for me to continue to concentrate of my reading and concentration in games, and I will be able to turn early advantages into final wins much more easily. The game itself is against a fellow 1-d called "Wind2".

On another note, in my frustration I played to blitz games to blow off steam :( I won, but I should not encourage myself.

On a final note, I will look into how to link SGF files and viewers, so I can post my own games and commentary, and that way it is possible for any weaker readers to benefit, and any stronger readers to correct me if I miss something. Everyone can win, if only I can figure it out. Perhaps I will ask Antii, who writes for the excellent "Go of Ten" blog (, who does the games and commentary very well.